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U.S. Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, Representing the 30th District of Texas

Congresswoman Johnson Votes to fund Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Departments, Re-open Key Agencies

Jan 10, 2019
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson today joined House Democrats to pass legislation that funds the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as other key agencies in order to restart these agencies’ essential functions. The bills, which passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support, seek to ensure air travel and highway transportation are safe for all Americans and that key services for homebuyers and renters are restored.

“Families in my district and all across Texas suffer each day that the president and Senate Republicans refuse to carry out their responsibilities and allow this Trump Shutdown to continue,” said Congresswoman Johnson. “Keeping our roadways and airways safe is a crucial responsibility of the government, and there is no reason to keep the department which executes this function shutdown.”

Earlier today, Congresswoman Johnson also voted to re-open the Department of Agriculture to guarantee vulnerable Texas families receive critical SNAP benefits, such as food stamps, and ensure the FDA and USDA can continue to inspect food and prevent a public health epidemic.  

“The longer this shutdown goes on, the more likely it becomes that 3,724,688 Texans --79 percent of whom are in families with children – are unable to put food on the table,” said Congresswoman Johnson. “Alarmingly, the ongoing Trump Shutdown endangers the health of our communities as hundreds of FDA and USDA food inspectors are being forced to stop doing their jobs, putting the safety of the food we eat at risk. As the first registered nurse elected to Congress, it is of grave concern that the president doesn’t seem to care, threatening to keep the government and its critical food safety responsibilities shut down for ‘years.’”  

On day one of the new 116th Congress, the House Democratic Majority took the first steps to restore certainty to people's lives by passing a complete funding package with bipartisan proposals to re-open government.  Yet, Senate Republican leadership refused to bring that bill up for a vote. Congresswoman Johnson also voted to fund the IRS so that American families receive tax refunds on time. Over the coming days, Democrats are taking action to re-open all government agencies by passing individual, bipartisan appropriations bills so that we can meet the needs of Texas families, protect our borders and respect American workers.

“The president needs to come to his senses, withdraw his $5-billion demand and choose the American people instead of his ineffective and inefficient border wall,” said Congresswoman Johnson. “If he wants to demonstrate proper leadership, the president should announce his agreement to sign the legislation to re-open these departments and encourage the Senate to pass this legislation. House Democrats believe in governing responsibly and will not allow hard-working Texans or the American people to be victims of this pointless shutdown. We will continue to work to re-open government, and keep our promise to deliver progress for all Americans.”

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