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U.S. Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, Representing the 30th District of Texas

Congresswoman Johnson’s Statement on President Trump’s Nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

Jul 9, 2018
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson released the following statement in response to President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court:


“President Trump’s selection of a candidate who has a record skeptical of a woman’s right to choose and equal access to health care is disappointing but comes as no surprise. While on the federal bench, Judge Kavanaugh has publically disagreed with the monumental decision in Roe v. Wade and the decision regarding the Affordable Care Act. Additionally, Judge Kavanaugh has a long record of siding with corporate interests over individuals and issuing rulings that threaten the stability of Medicare and Medicaid. During his nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court, Judge Kavanaugh enjoyed the full support of the Family Research Council, which has been designated an anti-LGBTQ ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I am concerned that – given his extensive record of rulings – Judge Kavanaugh would further endanger the rights of vulnerable Americans, whether they be women in need of health care, seniors in need of health care, families in need of the social safety net, or LGBTQ Americans in need of protections from discrimination.


“I have further reservations with Judge Kavanuagh’s nomination by a president who is currently under federal investigation for his actions. Judge Kavanaugh wrote from the bench that presidents should be shielded from investigations or lawsuits during their term, while being part of the team that spent more than four years investigating President Clinton. I am concerned that Judge Kavanagh's history of  contradictions would cloud his judgement on issues pertaining to the investigation into the President and make uncertain his likely claims to defend previous court precedents.


“Make no mistake, these vital issues are in the balance and may very well be decided by the next individual who takes a seat on the highest court in the land. Too much is at stake to allow an ideologically-motivated candidate serve on the Supreme Court.


“I encourage my Senate colleagues to vote against confirming a candidate who has shown he will overturn laws that protect many Americans today.” 


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