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U.S. Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, Representing the 30th District of Texas

Congresswoman Johnson’s Statement After Pres. Trump Forced AG Sessions to Resign

Nov 7, 2018
Press Release

Dallas, TX– Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson released the following statement after President Trump today demanded the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and installed as acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who will now oversee Special Counsel  Bob Mueller’s investigation:

“President Trump has again taken a drastic measure that threatens the rule of law. The newly appointed acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, has been publically critical of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation he is conducting into the Trump campaigns connections to Russia. If President Trump made this decision to in any way limit, curtail or undermine the ability of Director Mueller to conduct his investigation into the president, he must know that neither the American people nor the incoming majority of Democrats in the House will allow such blatant obstruction of justice to take place.

“It is entirely improper for Whitaker, because of his open hostility to the very crucial mission of the special counsel’s investigation, to now oversee the investigation, and therefore he must recuse himself from that responsibility. I understand that this is highly unlikely, and that only intensifies the urgency with which the House and Senate must pass into law a bill protecting Director Mueller’s investigation from being attacked in such a way.

“For months now, Democrats have insisted that legislation protecting Director Mueller’s investigation from any intervention by the President be swiftly passed. Our belief in the necessity of this action comes directly out of the President’s lengthy history of irresponsibly nefarious actions. Republicans insisting that such legislation was unnecessary has been proven naive and incorrect today.

“This moment demands our action. I implore Republicans in the House and Senate to put the American people and our democracy first and immediately pass legislation that insulates Director Mueller’s investigation from any further action President Trump or Mr. Whitaker may inevitably take which could limit the impact of its findings.”

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