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Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Representing the 30th District of TEXAS

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Releases Statement in Support of the Women’s March across the Nation

Jan 20, 2017
Press Release

 Washington, DC - (Friday, January 20, 2017) - Today, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson released the following statement in support of the Women’s March in Dallas, Washington, D.C. and across the nation:

“I am proud of the thousands of women and men across our nation who decided to join a movement to unify communities and stand firm in showing the new leaders of our government that women’s rights are human rights that must be respected. The Women’s March was transformed into a movement because of a statement by a woman expressing her frustration of the election process and how our newly elected president’s rhetoric during the campaign was destructive and divisive.

“As a woman, and a senior Member of Congress representing the 30th congressional district of Texas, I want to encourage those that will gather in Dallas tomorrow that are standing in solidarity with those that have come to Washington to march. The march is only one day, but we must not lose this momentum in what will surely be an uphill battle. This march is also the first step forward in the fight to protect women’s rights and human rights under this new presidency. So I would like to encourage the thousands of women and men that gather tomorrow to stay involved and informed from the beginning and until the end in your efforts to bring about peace, equality and justice.”