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Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Representing the 30th District of TEXAS

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Releases Statement after House Passes Tax Reform Bill

Dec 20, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Johnson released a statement after Members of the United States House of Representatives passed the latest tax reform legislation under H.R. 1, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which raises taxes on 86 million hard-working middle class families:

“Today, I am very disappointed in the decisions made by my Republican colleagues across the aisle to advance this tax bill.  The decision to pass H.R. 1 fails to take into consideration the impact on health, economic sustainability, and prosperity for all Americans. When I say all Americans, I am describing the hard-working middle class families, small business owners, single parents, new homeowners, seniors and more who stand to lose under this bill,” said Congresswoman Johnson. “It is unacceptable that corporations continue to receive major tax breaks while they are simultaneously shipping jobs overseas and using loop holes in our tax code to avoid paying their fair share.”

This Republican-led legislation goes even further by eliminating the individual mandate that is a vital component of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  More than 10 million Americans will experience increased premiums, which will ultimately result in fewer Americans having health care coverage.  In the next year alone, Medicare will be cut by $25 billion – effectively putting the burden of these tax cuts on our seniors to bear.

Congresswoman Johnson continued, “To attack people with pre-existing conditions and place barriers on an individual’s right to health care is shameful.  Who are we here to serve?  This tax reform bill shows that as public servants some are not here to serve all of the American people but just a select few – those that make up the wealthiest population in our country.  The last action my constituents can take in opposition of this bill is to call the senators of Texas and describe to them how it will personally impact them and their loved ones.”

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